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Nudge your life toward growth

In this free 5-day challenge you will learn:

  • How to implement desired habits and make them stick

  • How to eliminate or reduce undesired habits

You'll get the information from recent research on behaviour change and be able to put this knowledge to practice during the challenge.

The tools you will learn here will be useful for any change you want to make in your life from now on.

And there's a chance to win a daily prize, and a Grand Prize at the end!

The Habit Creation Challenge will start on

Monday November 15, 2021

The challenge is totally free,

and totally fun!

 The videos were perfect. Keeping them short makes it very easy to do immediately.

Amy Chapman

 I loved the explanations each day that made each task accessible. Thank you for this challenge.

Sara Addington

Participants' Comments

I found the videos to be perfect in length and content. My biggest take-away was the very small steps toward change you recommend in each video, (such a new and empowering concept for me).

Daun Murphy

 The assignments were clear, simple, and helpful. Your brief comments were very helpful to pull me back and focus each time.

Mary O'Brien

 This helped me focus on reality based ways to turn intention into action.

Susan Burack

 You clearly put a lot of thought and care into it. My only wish is that you repeat this so others can benefit. I wish I could get my kids to take your course!

Christel Bodenstein

I liked the Habit Creation Challenge and found it valuable. I have referred the program to a few other people.

Hank Ostwald

Videos were very clear and concise... I enjoyed what I learned and practiced!

Robin Nixon

Breaking it down into something super small to start seems to be the ticket to getting it to work! I am finding it less overwhelming than taking on too much and never doing any of it.

Dana Stone Woodward